We then deliver the goods to Sales by ensuring that there’s a robust lead management process in place. This includes scoring to qualify leads, nurturing to make sure no lead is left untouched, aligning Sales and Marketing to ensure there’s a good hand-off and putting a reporting structure in place. Additionally, we develop simple ways to measure performance and highlight areas of continuous improvement.

Underpinning everything we do is best practice, using proven frameworks and approaches to ensure campaigns have the best chance of success and deliver real value to your organisation. Gartner, Forrester, Aberdeen Group and SiriusDecisions all report that best-in-class companies who invest in Integrated Demand Generation achieve higher campaign response and conversion rates, an increase in marketing ROI, a decreased time to execute campaigns and a decrease in the cost per lead. 

Investment in Integrated Demand Generation drives results. CRMT’s experience shows that those who invest in Integrated Demand Generation achieve great results including: