Re-Thinking Your Marketing Mix for Campaign Creation Excellence

March 03, 2016 By Andrew Freeman

“Making your numbers” used to be a once-a-year thing at review time. These days, it’s not even quarterly. Marketing Managers are expected to review, analyse, and make decisions on an ongoing schedule... in real time.

Because in today’s world of Marketing Operations - where marketers and technologists work side-by-side - that’s what your competitors are doing.

But scratch the surface of those competitors, and you’ll find many of them are running with the 4 P’s of the classic marketing mix - Product, Price, Place, and Promotion - with the same approach as ever. And that’s an opportunity for you.

Because operations-driven marketers (and marketing-aware operations) use marketing mix analysis to learn how those classic ingredients need to change. Here are some of their thoughts, in this handy infographic.


Marketing mix analysis isn’t a box-ticking exercise, but a core tool enabled by marketing operations, letting you make the most of CRM wherever you roll it out.  Yes, that’s beyond the Sales and Marketing departments.


  • The 4 P’s are as relevant as ever, but in a different way.
  • Marketing mix analysis: product, place, price, and promo are evolving.
  • Hard numbers from CRM enable high-touch marketing mix analysis.

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