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June 04 2015 By CRM Technologies

Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA) looks to be the next big thing to deliver a valuable competitive edge for businesses. According to research from VB Insight, the MMA market is set to double, or even triple, by the end of 2015.

Changing habits

The roots of MMA are in the consumer market. Marketing automation’s mobile evolution is commensurate with consumers’ changing technology usage patterns. According to IDC, smartphone volumes reached a record level in 2014, shipping a total of 1.3 billion units - a 27.7% growth from 2013.

The smartphone revolution is just one example of the many types of devices consumers use each day. Our preference for ‘always on’ devices means that we respond much faster and more frequently to SMS messages and push notifications than we do to email or direct mail.

Cherry on the cake

While marketing automation delivers greater channel integration, behavioural targeting and interaction management, MMA takes this one step further by providing immediately actionable analytics at the individual user level. This means that you can interact with your customers at key moments, based on triggers such as their behaviour, location and mobile app usage.

MMA delivers the automation of your mobile marketing campaigns in real-time, creating a deep level of personalisation and interaction not possible previously. In the consumer world, for example, MMA triggers automated push messages as your customers interact with a mobile app. This could include the generation of automated messages linking to a special offer, as well as rewarding users who register, or who share your content.

You could argue that MMA is delivering a new level of personalisation that brings the interaction of the old-fashioned high street into the Twenty-first Century online world.

Market players

The potential of MMA solutions, which allow marketers to build automated real-time marketing workflows for millions of customers or potential customers, is being increasingly recognised by software vendors.

The VB Insight report cites 21 MMA solutions, such as Kahuna and Urban Airship. It also recognises that other more established marketing automation vendors are realising the power of mobile, including Salesforce, Silverpop and Sitecore. Other marketing automation vendors, such as Marketo, realise that the best value can be derived for their customers by offering integration with partner solutions that specifically cater to the mobile device market, including TapTarget, Kahuna and Urban Airship.

March forward

The dramatic growth of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices means that a rapidly increasing number of businesses and consumers are primarily consuming content on a mobile device. As we have seen in other areas, the trends in consumer marketing move quickly into the business-to-business world. The successful modern marketer can no longer afford not to embrace these technologies. In a burgeoning market, the benefits of establishing a proactive mobile marketing strategy early on in this market’s growth cycle is clear. Reaching potential buyers via their mobile device will allow you to steal a march on your competitors.

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