Marketing and IT: The Best of Friends

November 26 2015 By Andrew Freeman

Discover how Marketing and IT can be brought together with a single purpose.

“Who’s responsible for the web, you or the IT department?”

This is a question that’s been asked of marketers since the web was born. With Marketing Operations now merging two functional areas - Marketing and IT - the question is evolving.

Large areas of technology infrastructure - CRM systems, company-wide databases, sales data and financials - are coming together as one deeply-connected source of competitive advantage. Reaching out to customers isn’t the sole domain of marketing any more, nor is technology just the realm of IT.

Companies face different challenges, but aligning departments to work in a holistic manner will improve collaboration, understanding, customer journeys and - ultimately - drive profits. Once you’ve aligned Marketing and IT, you can take your first steps towards a Marketing Operations strategy.

Discover what’s next for Marketing and Sales by downloading: What the future holds for Marketing Operations and what this means for Sales & IT

What the Future Holds for Marketing Operations and What This Means for Sales & IT

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