Continual User Experience Optimisation [A Guide to Excellence]

February 24, 2016 By Andrew Freeman

Aiming for continual improvement of marketing performance with data aggregation techniques.

Marketing operations brings together two or more departments to unlock business value. Done right, it works brilliantly. But there’s another idea that goes even further… uniting ALL departments for the benefit of the customer.

The basic ideas behind customer experience management (CEM or CXM) go back to old masters like Caples and Kotler. But it’s only in the last decade or so that technology has made them quantifiable. Modern data aggregation techniques, informing campaign creativity with data-driven customer insights, means CI for CX isn’t an end-of-project tickbox any more. It’s now a continual process.

This Slideshare shows you how it works.   


Build these four linkages, and you’ve built the ideal experience for your customers. There are countless data aggregation techniques for doing it.


  • Data aggregation techniques can break down silos.
  • Data aggregation techniques can show you the key touchpoints in your customer journey.
  • Data aggregation techniques lets your people make use of data.
  • With data aggregation techniques everyone becomes a marketer.

Discover how Marketing Operations contributes to continual user experience by downloading: Optimising the user experience for operational excellence