The Business Case for a Demand Center - How Does it Supercharge Sales and Marketing?

April 07 2016 By Paul Lee

Demand Centers bring structure, discipline and efficiency to both field and teleservices, to supercharge marketing and sales alignment locally, regionally and globally.

A Demand Center is defined by SiriusDecisions as a “a central or regional hub of shared marketing services, infrastructure and processes that enables organisations to efficiently bring programmes to market by leveraging key corporate assets and best practices”.

Demand Centers enable you to supercharge your sales and marketing in many ways, including:

For sales, standardising on global performance metrics such as pipeline contribution, pipeline velocity, database health and teleprospecting queues;

For marketing, assisting in the expansion of new markets, new offerings and new buying centres through scalable, always-on campaign efforts.

Such cohesive and accurate alignment promotes scale and agility without additional budget and resources, and promotes truly global effectiveness.

The Demand Center model enables marketing to maximise its effectiveness and production efficiency and to operate locally, regionally and globally. Through vital sales alignment, performance can be supercharged.


  • Demand Centers enable consistency across local and centralised marketing.
  • Demand Centers enable you to increase the scalability of your marketing and sales operations.
  • Demand Centers enable you to achieve continual improvement through standardisation of metrics.

Take the first steps in creating your Demand Center – download Developing a Demand Center: Essential Considerations and Key Benefits now.

Developing a Demand Center: Essential Considerations and Key Benefits

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