Bizagi is a global provider of digital process automation software that drives digital transformation by improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and boosting customer experience. Bizagi chose CRMT to assist with the selection of a new marketing automation platform and to support its transformation into a modern marketing organisation.

The Challenge

The Bizagi marketing team had all the right skills and adopted processes in place, to drive Bizagi’s modern marketing ambition, but the technology infrastructure was insufficient to support their aspirations, to deliver the “goods” to Sales. From the get-go, the marketing team’s aim was simple, to quickly build a business case to modernise marketing with, at its core, the scoping and selection of a new marketing automation platform. Specifically:

  • What’s required (from a people, process and systems perspective) to create a marketing automation centre of excellence and to move from an unproductive and blind state to one that’s disciplined, agile, insightful, efficient & effective. This will enable Bizagi to engage effectively with their community audience; maximise resources; and achieve marketing contributed revenue performance goals.
  • To understand how their current marketing system(s) prohibited this change – a gap analysis between operational requirements and system functionality.
  • Building the business case to replace the existing MAP with another more suitable platform (if appropriate).

The Solution

Bizagi embarked on a journey to select the right marketing automation platform, supported by CRMT’s expertise and guidance, that would rapidly progress them along their modern marketing journey. With CRMT's assistance, Bizagi chose to roll out Marketo’s marketing automation platform as a best-fit solution for their organization. CRMT’s proven RFP practices accelerated and streamlined the process between Bizagi and the vendor.

Key Challenges:

  • Marketing on the back-foot and unable to support sales and online communities.
  • Fresh, skilled team hindered by poor technology. 
  • Unable to run automated nurture campaigns.
  • Rapid growth in customer base so the MAP system of choice had to scale and be affordable.

The Result:

  • Scoring methodology of leading marketing automation platforms.
  • Full assessment of sales and marketing operations processes.
  • Implementation of Marketo marketing automation tool.
  • Best practice workshops to educate and guide on strategic roadmap.

Bizagi's key requirements:

  • The ability to create segmented, always-on lead nurture programs.
  • Multiple lead scoring models.
  • Better campaign tracking, measurement and reporting.
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics and the website
  • Improve the quality of data and data capture.
  • Maximise website visitor conversion.
  • The platform had to be affordable and provide simple bolt-on expansion with other native and third party applications.

What activities did CRMT undertake?

A series of discovery sessions were carried out to principally review and validate investments made in marketing operations to date; to identify gaps where further investment in process & skills should be applied; and to assist with the gap analysis between operational requirements and marketing system functionality.

Following the assessment, CRMT’s marketing automation specialists used scoring methodology to rate system functionalities and integration capabilities between the market leading platforms in the B2B marketing space, against the current marketing automation technology.

Based on the scoring outcome, Bizagi selected Marketo's marketing automation platform as a best-fit solution for their organisation. To support Bizagi in their journey following selection, CRMT carried out best practice workshops to map out Marketo migration, educate on advanced processes and build a strategic roadmap to guide the organization's continued development and demand generation maturity.

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