It’s Time to Remove the Database Blindfold

August 23 2019 By Joanna Mills

Data is one of our most valuable marketing assets, so why is it that so many organisations neglect to maintain it?

A Blindfold Marketer

How many times a quarter does this irksome question, or similar pop up “how many marketable contacts are in our database?” Now ask yourself how much time and manual effort is involved in answering this question. While on the surface it’s a simple question, the reality can be different.

Dear Marketing Operations...

April 16 2018 By Bex Hale

The shift in the marketing landscape has brought new challenges for the Chief Marketing Officer beyond the marketing function. Now, more than ever, the CMO is relying on Marketing Operations to help drive global transformation. Find out what today's CMO needs from Marketing Ops, straight from his desk in our infographic.

The Changing Face of Today's CMO

April 16 2018 By Bex Hale

The marketing industry has seen a big shift in the role of the Chief Marketing Officer over recent years, due to the advances in technology, ever-increasing customer expectations of a best-in-class brand experience and the need to orchestrate more efficienty and effectively. Read our infographic to find out what skills and qualities set the two types of CMO apart.

The Hybrid Skills of a Marketing Operations Leader

January 17 2017 By Andrew Freeman

The Marketing Operations leader is a hybrid mix of multiple cross-discipline skills that supports the ever-changing marketing technology space.

The Forward Thinker's Guide to Marketing Automation

August 04 2016 By Paul Lee

It’s time for marketing automation to leave its roots in ‘push’ communications and seize the benefits of predictive data in a personalised world focused on the customer journey

10 Inspirational Marketing Automation Practices

July 28 2016 By Paul Lee

Award winning businesses look to the future with marketing automation practices that deliver results today. Find out how you can follow their lead with intelligent, personalised campaigns.

Make Your Marketing Real-Time And See Real Benefits

July 21 2016 By Andrew Freeman

Different definitions of real time marketing abound. This infographic sets out what it should mean to you in simple terms - and the benefits it could bring.

Automate your way to awesome marketing and sales alignment

July 07 2016 By Andrew Freeman

Break down silos and ensure Sales and Marketing alignment through marketing automation

A marketing automation health check a day keeps the performance doctor away

June 30 2016 By Andrew Freeman

A regular marketing automation health check provides a clear sign as to whether it’s fit and healthy for purpose or an MOT is required!

Marketing Automation - it packs a punch!

June 23 2016 By Paul Lee
Discover how to make the most of your marketing automation with these workflows that really deliver

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