Adobe and Marketo: The Right Engagement

September 24 2018 By Alan Chatfield

Adobe's $4.75bn purchase of Marketo is unexpected but shouldn’t come as a surprise. The strategic logic behind the deal is compelling to both parties.

Email Marketing in an Opt-In World

August 30 2018 By Alan Chatfield

There has been a revolution in email marketing. Personalisation is king. Volume no longer matters. Adopting a customer-centric approach is the key to success.

The Game Has Changed: A New Paradigm for Lead Nurturing

July 23 2018 By Alan Chatfield

Are you stuck in the past with traditional email nurturing? Marketing has shifted, so it’s time to step up your game. With an abundance of channels now at your fingertips, lead nurturing must go beyond email to deliver prospects an integrated brand experience across multiple touch points. Get the lowdown on nurturing in a multi-channel world, from CRMT’s Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Alan Chatfield.

[Press Release] Get Ready for GDPR: CRMT announces alliance to form GDPR powerhouse.

April 25 2017 By Andrew Freeman
CRMT joins forces with certified GDPR practitioner and Assuredata founder Jim Sneddon to assist organisations on their journey towards Sales and Marketing compliance.

CRMT, a leading marketing operations agency and consultancy based in the UK, has partnered with a GDPR expert to help organisations drive compliance initiatives.

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Demand Gen Strategy

April 20 2017 By Bex Hale

Boost your demand gen efforts with our 6 top tips.

B2B Social Media & How to Measure Marketing ROI

February 21 2017 By Bex Hale

Where Social media fits in your marketing mix and how to measure the business ROI of your campaigns.

Modern marketers: Your 4 new responsibilities and how to address them

May 19 2016 By Andrew Freeman
Marketing is about more than marketing these days. This post lists how the new responsibilities of marketing affect your company’s strategy.

Three Steps to Help You Move Forward in The New Marketing Landscape [SLIDESHARE]

May 12 2016 By Andrew Freeman

Discover why you need a new marketing technology strategy to move forward in the new landscape.

Re-Thinking Your Marketing Mix for Campaign Creation Excellence

March 03 2016 By Andrew Freeman

When the business of marketing changes, you must use a mix of channels. This article outlines some methods of marketing mix analysis.

Shifting Your Marketing Culture for Efficient Global Strategy Execution

February 04 2016 By Andrew Freeman

Marketing culture is changing. Savvy marketers focus on operational processes as much as creative execution - and are winning big because of it.

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