Simplifying Your IT Environment: Steps for Successful Multiple Vendor Data Collation

March 16 2016 By Tony Sprague

Building user experience best practice when it comes to multi-vendor data integration can help to build focus on the customer, not the business process.

Best Practice for Data Interoperability

February 18 2016 By Tony Sprague

Data interoperability is increasingly the key to successful marketing campaigns, which depend on providing Sales and Marketing professionals with technical marketing training.

The Ideal IT budget: Best practice vs reality

January 21 2016 By Tony Sprague

Best practice and reality are often at odds when it comes to winning the ideal IT budget. But collaboration can bridge the gap and deliver great results for marketing and other key business areas.

Data Ownership in a Marketing Environment [Alignment Through Trust]

December 10 2015 By Tony Sprague

The IT leader is well-placed to drive cross-platform interoperability by using a global view of marketing and sales data.

Be an IT Superhero: Craft the Data Strategy Your Business Needs

November 12 2015 By Tony Sprague

Discover how to become an IT superhero with marketing operations tools that facilitate a collaborative data strategy based on the real-time needs of your business.

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