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CRMT enables you to Strategise, Execute and Transform your marketing activities to deliver Marketing Operations Excellence.

Strategise: Align your marketing activities to key business functions and core business goals to drive sustainable, long term, growth and prove the contribution of marketing to the wider business.

Execute: Develop best-in-class processes that deliver marketing efficiency and engaging marketing programmes, optimising customer experience and fuelling the sales funnel.

Transform: your marketing organisation to one of operational excellence and drive long term business growth - aligned to enterprise wide goals - through a process of continual improvement.

Customer success stories

Intel Security

Integration of vast volumes of data and embarking on an ambitious marketing automation campaign.

Global web services provider.


Helped develop a sophisticated, continually evolving, lead scoring system.

Application Delivery Networking (ADN) technology.


Eloqua implementation led to a 115% increase in contact database size.

Financial management software.

"The Eloqua automated webinar program, assisted by CRM Technologies, is delivering tangible results through tailored content and enhanced sales and marketing alignment."

Global web services provider

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Sales, marketing and IT: your cross departmental guide to designing a Marketing Operations strategy

To ensure your marketing operations strategy is successful you need to align your various business functions to an enterprise wide, long-range vision of top level strategic goals.